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Perfect Partner versus Perfect Location

When it comes to online dating in Ireland, some of the most popular search phrases on Google are ‘Dating in Dublin’, ‘Dating in Cork’, ‘Dating in Galway’ and so on. Effectively what would-be daters are saying is that location is more important than choosing the right kind of online dating site where they are likely to meet like-minded people. Tempting as it might be to keep things relatively local, this is not always a good idea and here’s why…

The stigma of loneliness in Ireland

Research* from the U.S suggests that a staggering 92{a02c9126b71645d70840e6e25d2c3dee8a032b44297d8fe15134eb477366de9b} of all single people in the States have used an online dating site and with 17{a02c9126b71645d70840e6e25d2c3dee8a032b44297d8fe15134eb477366de9b} of all marriages in the last year reported to have started online, it’s pretty clear why finding a partner through online dating sites has become the norm for those that find themselves looking for their perfect match. But why has Ireland not reflected figures like these?

Our Top Six most Romantic breaks in Ireland

Does dating mean exclusive or does dating mean in a relationship? To quote the inimitable Bridget Jones “Hurrah. Am no longer tragic spinster… but proper girlfriend of bonafide sexgod, so committed that he’s taking me on a full-blown mini-break holiday weekend.” But where to go and what to do? Read on for our tidy list of six of the best romantic breaks in Ireland.