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Dating Again – Getting back on the dreaded dating horse

We’ve all read articles and listened passively to our friends spouting about running the dreaded dating gauntlet while we ourselves have been all safe and tucked up in our relationship. What happens though when we are thrust from the cosy embrace of that safe little union and forced back into considering how to meet our next love interest while strategically avoiding all the pitfalls of dating that we’ve heard the rumours about.

Mature Dating | Out of Date Myths

It remains incredible that there exists a stubborn perception that online dating for older people is a no-go. Actually, on the basis of success rates, the older cohort does extremely well and some researchers maintain they do even better than younger daters. Let’s look at the how’s and why’s of it all…

Why dating apps are ruining traditional relationships?

My friends and I often bemoan how the dating scene has evolved in the last couple of decades. The current, cut-throat world of dating seems such a world away from when we were going to clubs, being asked for a slow dance and swapping home phone numbers. I may sound like a dinosaur but that’s only 15 years ago. Since then, the digital juggernaut has all but completely taken over and such personal encounters have become relics of a bygone era when people would look eachother in the eye and develop a genuine connection. So why have dating apps changed all of that so much?