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Finding Your Perfect Match | Putting Distance at Arm’s Length

In our latest VLOG we discuss one of the most common obstacles that would-be romantics put in the way of finding their perfect match: distance. We’re not talking ‘international time-zone’ type distance here, but a measly 50 miles or so, or even an hour’s spin in the car, and it seems to be too much for many people when it comes to love.

Welcome to our Online Dating VLOG.

Our new dating VLOG is up and running and we couldn’t be more excited. Each week we’ll be posting tips and advice as well as a mix of humour and horror in the form of dating anecdotes. We hope you enjoy them and visit for each installment

Are Dating Sites Real

In an ever-changing dating landscape that seems to offer up a new dating app, a new dating website or a new theory on how to find your perfect match, an umbrella question that is often posed is, Are dating sites real? Well, it depends on what you mean. Are the people on dating sites real or are they fraudsters? Are their intentions real or are they looking for something other than a relationship? Are the profiles real or are they fakes to make me part with my cash?