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Do You Complain too much on a Date?

They say ‘misery loves company’, but certainly not in the dating world. Unless you’re one of those hilarious curmudgeons like Jack Dee, then you’ve probably already found that your serial

Are You a Serial Dater

If your dating schedule is on the busy side, you might find your attention too divided to identify your perfect match, or at least a good prospect. So slow down,

Maximise your chances of finding a real relationship: 5 Reasons to avoid One-Night-Stands

People often look for dating advice at our online dating blog about how to form a real relationship having found someone special. Here are some dating tips to help you get beyond that First date.

First Date Nerves and Drinking Too Much

In wine there is truth, goes the old saying, but if first date nerves are bearing down on you then be careful how you take the edge off. A little too much alcohol before you meet your date could mean a lot.

Dating and Age Difference | Mind the Gap

The dating age gap is such a cliché we have a bundle of terms for it, like ‘cradle snatching’, or ‘gold digger’, for example. If both romantic partners want to date cross-generationally and their age requirements are compatible, then who are we to impede a perfect match. Unfortunately, though, it tends to be a lopsided criterion!