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Dating Advice | How to score an ‘A’ on your First Date

So you’ve maybe found your real keeper and now you want to meet in the ‘real’ world. Well after you’ve read our safety tips and applied a little of that common sense you know you possess, you’re almost ready for your first date…almost! The syllabus for a successful first meeting is in and the great thing is it was written by you, or rather by literally thousands of people just like you.

You see, through our years of experience in making successful introductions and bringing prospective romantic partners together, we have learned from our clients and here’s what they consistently tell us about what people want on that first date:

The One Night Stand Dilemma

The one night stand might seem like a good idea at the time, but if your date went that well maybe you’d like a second date or to explore the possibility of a relationship. Here we look at the quandary of casual dating at the expense of something potentially more meaningful.