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Smoking and Dating

While smokers seem to be omnivores when it comes to dating, non-smokers are becoming increasingly turned-off by the idea of being matched with someone who enjoys their ciggies. With around four out of five people in Ireland now declaring themselves as non-smokers, the signals are clear – put down the fags and pick up the dates!

Feeling Too Old to Date?

Let’s face it, there are times when we all feel perhaps a little past our best, but if this is your default mindset then it could be getting in the way of you trying new things, including dating again. So no matter if you are age 19 or 99, shake it off and a world of love could open up to you quicker than you think.

Too Busy To Date?

We understand that modern life is hectic, but are you really too busy to share a meal and, with it, a first date? Maybe there’s another reason for putting off