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Dating Demeanours – Assertive or Aggressive, Ladies?

Are you a bit too aggressive in your demeanour? Is this the trait you’re most likely to display on first dates? You’re not alone and our experience has shown time an again why it’s not a winning dating formula.

Three Types of Dating Sites

We are often asked ‘does online dating work?’ or ‘are dating sites real?’ and, of course, our overwhelming answer is yes, however that does depend on what you are looking for and where you are looking for it. While there are many different types of dating sites, here we explain the three most dominant categories of Casual, Flirt & Matrimonial online dating.

Why First Dates and Sexy Talk don’t always mix

On that first date it’s important that your discretion wins out over any urge you have to ‘talk sexy’. Unless specifically invited to do so, keep the conversation on the right side of respectful and you can both enjoy getting to know each other before the more risqué topics are introduced

Aggressive or Over Enthusiastic Dates

Do you put too much pressure on the other person to commit to another date after that first date, or have you been on the receiving end of an over-zealous person on a date? Believe it or not, it’s a dating experience some people have had and it’s never good.

Fake profiles | What you didn’t know about online dating sites

Online dating can have a bad name but it is possible to have an enjoyable dating experience by limiting your exposure to trolls and timewasters that create fake profiles to catfish. And we will tell you how.