Match Advice

Match Advice:

  • Maximise your chances of meeting your perfect match by following our simple online dating tips.
    • Have a rich profile. The more information you put into your profile, the more people can get a sense of who you are and see the person, not the profile. Use every opportunity to express your personality but be yourself and not who you think might sound more attractive.
    • Have an honest profile. Be as honest as is humanly possible and use current, unedited photos of yourself. Remember that you are ultimately trying to turn correspondence online into meetings in reality and at that point, any fabrications about your physicality will be immediately apparent. To avoid disappointment, you should endeavour to start your relationship off on a truthful footing so even if you think admitting you smoke or have 2 children will hamper your chances, there’s no point meeting someone that will have a problem with any of the truths about you. They’ll simply feel lied to and reject you later rather than sooner.
    • Be honest with yourself. Look in the mirror and evaluate not only the type of person that you would like to meet but also think of who will be happy to meet you. It takes mutual satisfaction to generate chemistry.
    • Keep your profile fresh. Rotate your profile photo often and edit your details with any big news or changes to your life. The more engaged you are the more personality you show.
    • Have realistic expectations. We are all human and we all have flaws so accepting that and seeing the positive aspects of a person’s profile rather than focussing on the negatives will ensure that you don’t miss out on someone that could be the perfect match for you.
    • Broaden your horizons. The idea is to imagine the characteristics that your perfect match would have but all the while realising that nobody will ever tick ALL of your boxes. As such, when you are selecting your “dealbreakers” make sure they are EXTREMELY important to you. If you insist on including Dealbreakers that actually don’t bother you that much, you could be ensuring that your perfect match never even appears in your suggested matches. Don’t eliminate matches based on a frivolous wish list.
    • Be polite and kind to other users. If you are not interested in someone that contacts you, acknowledge the compliment and don’t be rude. You never know who might unexpectedly make an impression on you.
    • Get in touch with people you are genuinely interested in only. Spamming a multitude of people with a generic message will result in very little meaningful success. Quality is far better in dating than quantity.