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The Danger of the Double-Standard in Dating

Dating profiles are, by their nature, quite restrictive. You are often forced to reduce your life down to the ticking of a few boxes and the odd free-text opportunity to sell yourself. One suggestion is that you carefully avoid adding preferences for any prospective dating match that you cannot uphold yourself.

What is Your Prime Dating Age

Both women and men in Ireland often find themselves frustrated with the lack of suitable dating partners from the opposite sex. Now the Census 2016 figures give us new insight and shows that there are prime dating ages at different points in the lives of men and women.

Geography affects your likelihood of Marrying in Ireland. Fact!

According to the Irish Census 2016, there is a significant difference in your likelihood to marry depending on whether you are a rural or urban dweller. The Census 2016 figures explain why successful dating in Ireland is highly corelated to where you are, rather than simply who you are. Read on for the why’s and wherefores…

Three Types of Dating Sites

We are often asked ‘does online dating work?’ or ‘are dating sites real?’ and, of course, our overwhelming answer is yes, however that does depend on what you are looking for and where you are looking for it. While there are many different types of dating sites, here we explain the three most dominant categories of Casual, Flirt & Matrimonial online dating.

Fake profiles | What you didn’t know about online dating sites

Online dating can have a bad name but it is possible to have an enjoyable dating experience by limiting your exposure to trolls and timewasters that create fake profiles to catfish. And we will tell you how.