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What You Didn’t Know about Online Dating Sites | Date Bait

While most dating sites are above board, some will use fraudulent methods to dupe you into signing up. We explore the phenomenon of ‘date-bait’ and how you can choose a reputable site to find your perfect match

Maximise your chances of finding a real relationship: 5 Reasons to avoid One-Night-Stands

People often look for dating advice at our online dating blog about how to form a real relationship having found someone special. Here are some dating tips to help you get beyond that First date.

Dating Advice | How to score an ‘A’ on your First Date

So you’ve maybe found your real keeper and now you want to meet in the ‘real’ world. Well after you’ve read our safety tips and applied a little of that common sense you know you possess, you’re almost ready for your first date…almost! The syllabus for a successful first meeting is in and the great thing is it was written by you, or rather by literally thousands of people just like you.

You see, through our years of experience in making successful introductions and bringing prospective romantic partners together, we have learned from our clients and here’s what they consistently tell us about what people want on that first date:

Six Dating Tips for Single Mums

Dating as a single mom can be a minefield. Where do you even start? Getting back in the dating scene after a relationship breakdown can be tough, especially when there are children involved. Trying to find your perfect match as you attempt to juggle the children that count on you 24 hours a day, can seem an almost insurmountable task. But with these few short tips, we hope you’ll have the confidence to give it a go!

Date Bait Bot or Not? How to Know You Are Chatting with Real Dating Users

Have you ever experienced an online chat bot? Maybe you have and you found the whole thing amusing, or maybe you’ve been lucky enough to have avoided the pesky bots. But maybe, and this is the whole point, you just don’t know. Perhaps that great chat you had recently was with a bot and not a real user and you just couldn’t tell. Scary, right? Let’s see how you can identify a bot quickly and spare your time, energy and blushes…