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The Policy of Dating Honestly

Whether you’re aiming to find true love or find a perfect match, honest dating is a must for single men and single women. In fact, dating experts will tell you that whether you go down the road of personals, online dating websites or a matchmaker, if you’re seeking a long term relationship or serious relationship, without honesty, you can be sure that the partnership won’t last in the long run. So Irish matchmakers Rena Maycock and Feargal Harrington have this advice to offer…

Are Dating Sites Real

In an ever-changing dating landscape that seems to offer up a new dating app, a new dating website or a new theory on how to find your perfect match, an umbrella question that is often posed is, Are dating sites real? Well, it depends on what you mean. Are the people on dating sites real or are they fraudsters? Are their intentions real or are they looking for something other than a relationship? Are the profiles real or are they fakes to make me part with my cash?

Is Online Dating Safe

As more and more people use dating apps and online dating sites to meet their prospective romantic partners, new challenges regarding safety arise along with these new opportunities. While much of the traditional safety dating tips still apply and, of course, common-sense is still hugely important, some new risks have necessitated a rethink over what constitutes best-practice when dating safely…

Online Dating Facts versus Myths

While the stigma associated with online dating declines, so too does the belief in some of the curious myths that have become associated with this brave new world of dating. We already know the big clichés – men are only interested in women in their twenties, everybody lies online, online dating and matchmaking is dangerous – but have these become over-amplified through lazy media reporting? And just how much weight should we attach to any of them when we consider pressing ‘register’ to join a new online dating site?

10 Adventure Dates in Ireland

While a first date at a fancy restaurant may be very romantic and satisfy the foodie in you, or taking in a new release at the flicks could feed your hunger for Hollywood, if you are an intrepid explorer at heart in search of a kindred spirit who shares your passion for the great outdoors, then you might wonder what’s a good first date?