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Maybe You Should go and Love Yourself?

For some people, nothing less than perfection is allowable when it comes to measuring up a potential dating partner. Unfortunately, more often than not these people end up long-term alone, destined to see the world as tragically unable to provide them with a romantic partner worthy of them.

Dating & Personal Hygiene

They say you only have one chance to make a good first impression, so how will you present yourself? Pollock-like splatters of food on your shirt or greasy matted strands of hair are tell-tale signs of a standard of personal hygiene that is bound to be the last impression your date has of you.

Rudeness on a First Date

Being rude on a first date is not exactly ideal behaviour if you fancy your chances of progressing to date number two. But, did you realise that the more subtle forms of impoliteness, such as clicking your fingers to beckon the wait staff, is just as likely to send a signal to your dating partner that you’re probably not exactly a great catch!

What is Your Prime Dating Age

Both women and men in Ireland often find themselves frustrated with the lack of suitable dating partners from the opposite sex. Now the Census 2016 figures give us new insight and shows that there are prime dating ages at different points in the lives of men and women.

Bad Language makes for Bad Dating

We can’t always be Wildean and beautifully lyrical in our conversations, but if you find yourself reaching for an expletive, where a more civilised adjective or noun would do better, then expect your dating prospects to go as badly as your language.
Does it sound like you, or someone you know? Tell us your story in the comments, expletive-free, of course!