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Are You Too Embarrassed to try Online Dating?

While online dating & professional matchmaking services continue their upward trend in Ireland, we are still miles behind our UK and US single counterparts. Very often embarrassment is the reason we are given by Irish singles for the reluctance to try dating this way.

Aggressive or Over Enthusiastic Dates

Do you put too much pressure on the other person to commit to another date after that first date, or have you been on the receiving end of an over-zealous person on a date? Believe it or not, it’s a dating experience some people have had and it’s never good.

Dating and Controversial Conversations

In this week’s VLOG we’re discussing the sensitive topic of racism and how, without necessarily intending to, we may come off as a little less than tolerant of other races in our conversations.

Smoking and Dating

While smokers seem to be omnivores when it comes to dating, non-smokers are becoming increasingly turned-off by the idea of being matched with someone who enjoys their ciggies. With around four out of five people in Ireland now declaring themselves as non-smokers, the signals are clear – put down the fags and pick up the dates!

Do You Complain too much on a Date?

They say ‘misery loves company’, but certainly not in the dating world. Unless you’re one of those hilarious curmudgeons like Jack Dee, then you’ve probably already found that your serial