Dating in Dublin - Date Ideas for Couples

A Date in Dublin | So Many Dating Options

One of the wonderful things about Dublin is its size. Just about big enough to be classed as a ‘city’ by international standards, yet small enough to traverse (traffic permitting, of course) in a little over an hour. It is a city with the beach, the countryside, the metropolitan centre and the airport on every Dubliner’s doorstep, with diverse amenities strung along it’s landscape like little pearls on a necklace.

With so much to do as a dating couple in Dublin, don’t hang around the dating site for too long or you’ll miss the opportunity to get to know your new romantic interest better in the ‘real world’. You could be dining in any of the many fabulous restaurants Dublin has to offer, or having a relaxing picnic in St. Stephen’s Green, if the weather is agreeable. Or, if you feel more daring, you could try any number of the fun and sometimes unusual activities the city has to offer.

Here’s our quick guide to dating in Dublin.

Dating in Dublin | Fine Dining

Like every major developed city, Dublin has its fair share of the usual burger chains dotted along its high streets. However, there are many dining jewels to be discovered, like Matt the Thresher, a seafood delight, situated in the heart of Georgian Dublin between Fitzwillam Square and Merrion Square.

If you prefer your grub to come from terra firma and would rather demur the marine options, then you should try Avenue, by Nick Munier. Located on Crow Street, Dublin 2, this is one of the most exciting restaurants to open in Dublin in recent times. And if you look closely, you might just recognize Nick himself – he was the Maître d’hôtel of ITV's prime-time reality show Hell's Kitchen.

Exciting Dublin Dating Opportunities

Before you sit down to dine, you will of course need to work up that appetite and what better way to cut through the early dating inhibitions than to just throw yourself into something exciting and fun. Dublin has no shortage of thrill-seeking or just downright silly-fun things to do. And, don’t hide behind the weather as an excuse – nobody’s buying that.

Try a spot of kayaking, for example. Head on out to the beautiful Dalkey in South County Dublin and visit, where even If you’re a novice you can just relax and enjoy a tour of the bay and spot some celebrity homes. For anything other than the tour, you will get wet!

If you want a more refined thrill then you could always head over to Coolmine Equestrian Centre at the foot of the Dublin Mountains. This is one of those little gems that frequently reviews well on Trip Advisor. If you’re not au fait with the equine world, don’t worry, the trails and rides are categorised in terms of rider experience and difficulty. So, if your date reckons they could handle Red Rum, you can always relax and enjoy a simpler trail on a more temperate animal.

Quirky Dating in Dublin

Going to the zoo has long moved on from being something just for the kids. But, before you roll your eyes and think we’re only suggesting a date in Dublin Zoo, you might be surprised to learn that a quirky fad amongst first daters is a trip to the ‘Dead Zoo’ – otherwise known as the Natural History Museum.

Not creepy enough for you, then try the ever popular Glasnevin Cemetery Tour, where the ‘dead’ is a bit closer to the bone. Again, believe it or not, this is hugely popular with couples and first dates. There’s nothing better to break the ice than a sense of our shared mortality after all!

Dating in Dublin | No Excuses

Sure, Dublin is famous for its pubs and clubs too and the Irish bar is a very successful export in its own right, but we’ve tried to highlight some of the more interesting things the city has to offer couples and those in the first flushes of their dating experience.

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