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The Love-Life Balance and Dating

We’ve all heard the expression ‘working at your relationship’, or ‘working at your marriage’, but if you spend the vast majority of your time working at work then where will you find the energy, head-space and the time required to be just as successful in matter of the heart?

Too Eager When Dating

There’s nothing wrong with a little enthusiasm, but if you’re over-zealous and smothering your date with proclamations of love and suggestions of co-habitation as early as the first date, then don’t be surprised if your dating partner doesn’t match your eagerness and stops returning your calls.

Single Women & Dating Sites | Maybe She’s Not That Into You

Just because a single woman is using a dating website, it absolutely does not mean she is so desperate as to not filter her messages and respond selectively.

Women get many multiples the rate of messages men get on dating site and is she hasn’t responded to you after you have extended her your patience and waited a reasonable amount of time, maybe you should just accept that she’s just not that into you and move on.

Geography affects your likelihood of Marrying in Ireland. Fact!

According to the Irish Census 2016, there is a significant difference in your likelihood to marry depending on whether you are a rural or urban dweller. The Census 2016 figures explain why successful dating in Ireland is highly corelated to where you are, rather than simply who you are. Read on for the why’s and wherefores…

Do You Feel like a Lost Cause when it comes to Dating?

We often speak with single people and receive emails from them all of the time who feel they are a lost cause to dating. As Professional Matchmakers we can truly say, nobody is lost to dating and a little shift in mindset and attitude can bring about a remarkable change in fortune when it comes to find love and romance