Senior Dating & Meeting Senior Singles

Senior Dating in Ireland

It's a remarkable fact that life expectancy in Ireland continues to increase, with both men and women living approximately four years longer than they did at the turn of the millennium. And with all these extra years, the advancements in technology, medicine and our general understanding of health & wellbeing, means we are enjoying a better quality of life too.

Of course, this all comes at a time when traditional relationships have changed. Since at least 2002, the rate of separation and divorce has increased dramatically in Ireland, for example.

In fact, taking just one group of ‘seniors’, those aged between 50 and 54, shows a population increase of 18% between 2002 and 2011, while the number of single people in this age group grew by a whopping 39% in the same period. Go forward ten years to the 60 to 64 age group and you will see almost exactly the same thing, thirty-four percent of this age group recorded their status as ‘single’ in the 2011 census. Is it any wonder that some consider loneliness to be the new epidemic in Irish society?

Dating Opportunities for Senior Singles

But wait, we’re living longer, generally feeling fitter and healthier, yet increasingly alone? And all this at a time when it is completely unnecessary? If you don’t want to be single in Ireland today, then there’s absolutely no reason why you should be.

While 25-34 year old singles remain the largest group using dating sites, the over 50s have been and remain the fastest growing online dating group. No longer newcomers to dating websites, some state that this group derive maximum value from their online experience.

In fact, many studies around online dating for older people and seniors show that they don’t waste any time; older daters really do get the whole point of a dating site – to find a suitable match and get things offline and into the ‘real world’ as soon as possible.

Rather than seeing dating sites and apps as new-fangled toys for the young, senior daters have spotted the opportunity such sites present and are putting these matchmaking services and tools to work for them.

Advice for the Young at Heart | Older Daters & Online Dating

When we researched dating in Ireland before creating we found, unsurprisingly, that most people want enough information to be able to make a reasonably informed decision about the matches and other members they find when dating online. But, they don’t want this at the expense of an easy to use, straightforward system.

This is why we keep the number of questions required to complete your dating profile to a reasonable amount. Too little detail and making those matches would be extremely difficult. Too many questions and the matching system would certainly benefit, but let’s face it, our users would be bored.

Older daters have specific requirements. They don’t want to undergo a psychological test and dozens of questions on family before submitting their profile. They do want to know core demographic information about other daters and, especially, the intent and authenticity of the other members. Then, they just want to get on with the business and pleasure of finding a suitable match from the dating pool.

This is why we are seeing more and more older daters join and with senior daters accounting for approximately twenty-five percent of the total membership of the site, there’s every chance that your real keeper is already inside waiting for you.