Single Parent Dating Advice

Single Parents Dating Again

Having operated a Matchmaking agency in Ireland since 2010, we have spoken to thousands of single parents who are looking for a suitable way to find love again. Having children can be the greatest joy in the world however dating with a family can have its’ difficulties. Statistics show that in Ireland almost 1 in 5 children live with a single parent but it may not seem that 20%* of potential matches on dating websites have or want children in their lives.

Single parents tell us their main concerns are finding a match:

  1. that will embrace their children
  2. who has a similar lifestyle
  3. is within a reasonable distance
  4. who understands the kids must be the priority
  5. that can be trusted as the safety of their children is paramount

While dating online provides a remarkably convenient way to meet new people, single parents have a complex set of criteria that a number of dating sites simply cannot satisfy. was designed to meet the many needs of single parents looking for love. Both Preferences and Dealbreakers sections are geared towards giving full control to you in selecting the type of match to suit your needs.

A match that wants children

Using preferences, you can specify that you are mainly interested in matches that have or want children. This is a fundamental feature that allows single parents to cut down on time-wasting with matches that won’t accept children in the relationship

A good fit

Single parents are often concerned with finding a match that has a similar lifestyle. This can range from having common hobbies and interests to enjoy together or more often regarding smoking, drinking and fitness. devotes an entire section to Lifestyle preferences so you can find a richer quality of match.


It can be a necessity to single parents that their partner is conveniently located as the age of the children might limit free time for a lot of travel. includes an option for you to select a maximum radius from your location, thereby only presenting you with matches within an acceptable distance.

Kids come first

Parenting can present challenges, primarily the demands on time and emotional resources. There will invariably be times when the family must take priority so for the sake of a long and healthy relationship, it is important to find a partner who respects your devotion to your children and can be flexible. Our Family preferences section allows you to select matches who value family as much as you do. can be used to effectively find a match that will fit in and compliment your life.

Online Dating Safely

Any parent would think twice about inviting a stranger into their home with their children. Being a parent, your number one concern is keeping your family safe from harm. Understandably, with the volume of widely reported attacks in the media on both men and women who have met their attackers on online dating sites, parents have become extremely nervous of dating online in general. At we have focussed on providing a safe and secure dating environment for single parents. If safety is of importance to you, you can verify your identity using our Verify me function.

Once you have been verified you can choose to engage only with other verified users. This provides you with the security of knowing the person you are communicating with is genuine and honest enough to tell us who they are. In addition, should you be successful and choose to arrange a date in the ‘real world’ with a match, you can tell us where you are going and when by using our Register a Date function. Your match will then be notified that you have registered your meeting. These added safety features encourage respectful behaviour amongst users and should make your online dating experience a little more relaxing and a little less worrying.

Need Advice?

If you would like some advice on how to protect yourself while online dating, check out our Safety Tips or if you would simply like some advice on how you can use to find your perfect match have a look at our Dating Tips and Blog section where you will find a variety of helpful hints, tips and advice.