Does Online Dating Really Work?

Hear how Mark and Deirdre met in their own words

Deirdre: After my divorce came through in 2015 I found it hard to meet genuine people online and at my age I just hated the idea of going to bars in town. A lot of the guys I met were either married or looking for flings. I wanted a serious relationship and a friend said there were nice guys on Arealkeeper so I joined 6 months ago. The day I joined I got a good few messages but Mark’s stood out a mile. He just said, ‘You look nice. Please don’t be a nutter. Please don’t be a nutter.’ I just had to reply. I’ve always been a sucker for a sense of humour (and a handsome face).

Mark: Dee thinks that was me being funny but seriously I had come across so many nutters I was genuinely praying for a good normal, lovely person. I’m a single parent with 2 teenage girls so I had found it hard to find someone in a similar situation that would be good to my kids. Deirdre has a young boy and she’s a great mam. We just had so much in common from the get go. Conversation flowed so fast I couldn’t type quick enough. When we met a couple of days later, we clicked instantly. I am so grateful to have met her, I even still get butterflies when she walks into the room.

Deirdre: I have told all of my single friends that want to meet someone to give Arealkeeper a go. I just found that the guys were more genuine and respectful. My confidence had taken a knock after my divorce and I just found dating on Arealkeeper such an enjoyable experience, and of course I met the love of my life

Mark: Future plans? Well it’s a bit complicated with both of us having a family to think of but we will eventually get married again I think, if she’ll have me.

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