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Paul & Sarah's Online Dating Success Story

I’m Paul, I’m 33 and I was single for 5 years. My three year relationship ended because she didn’t see a future for us. I was heartbroken and it was only in the last year that I felt ready to put myself out there on the dating scene.

I’m not a massive drinker and the idea of going to a bar and plucking up courage to chat up a girl made me feel sick. I have no problem talking to a girl one to one but the pressure in a bar or nightclub to say the right thing or have a witty story was too much.

My mates have been settled down for a few years now and I’m happy for them but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a bit jealous. They were the wingmen so I felt very much isolated, plus I live in rural Ireland where everyone wants to know your business.

I tried some dating apps and online dating sites but was so frustrated by the lack of replies I would get. I’m not a bad looking guy, it just seems that half the people on there had no real interest in actually meeting someone, it seemed to be just a game.

I was about to give up on the online dating thing when I read about and decided to give it a go. What attracted me was that it was a paid site so I knew the women probably weren’t messers at least.

After meeting three women on Arealkeeper that didn’t amount to much more that a nice night out I met Sarah and the two of us are inseparable. She told me the reason she registered with Arealkeeper is because you are able to register your date so she felt safer than on the free sites.

We couldn’t be happier and we would highly recommend giving Arealkeeper a shot.

Thanks Arealkeeper

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