Does Dating Site Really Work?

Hear how Siobhan and PJ met in their own words


Peej and I met on Arealkeeper about 9 months ago. I had been on the dating site a couple of months after hearing about them on the radio. I had chatted with about 8 other guys but didn’t really click with them so I never met them in person. I had been quite specific about what I wanted and as a teacher with a permanent job I wanted someone close by. As I wasn’t getting the spark I wanted I decided to widen my location search on the site to see if a better match was just a bit further away, and he was! Peej was actually my first face to face date from Arealkeeper but I think I was his 3rd.

Our first date started disastrously. I was over an hour late because of traffic on the M50 and he was losing patience but when we clapped eyes on each other there was instant chemistry. It was such a relief that he was the same person he had been in our many chats online. We had both been really honest so there were no surprises.

He has his own house so we have plans to move in together and I will commute for a while so we can save for a house that’s in between both our jobs. I’m 35 but it’s the first time I’ve ever been in love, and it’s great! I would definitely recommend Arealkeeper to any friends, actually all my single friends are on it at the moment.

PJ: I’m a massive United fan and that has caused issues with some girls before. So I told Siobhan up front that she would need to like football or there might be trouble. When we first met, she was really late, like really late. But then she opened the door of the bar and walked in looking stunning and hands me a United birthday card. Curtains. I was hooked.

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