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Finding Your Perfect Match | Putting Distance at Arm’s Length

In our latest VLOG we discuss one of the most common obstacles that would-be romantics put in the way of finding their perfect match: distance. We’re not talking ‘international time-zone’ type distance here, but a measly 50 miles or so, or even an hour’s spin in the car, and it seems to be too much for many people when it comes to love.

Dating Again – Getting back on the dreaded dating horse

We’ve all read articles and listened passively to our friends spouting about running the dreaded dating gauntlet while we ourselves have been all safe and tucked up in our relationship. What happens though when we are thrust from the cosy embrace of that safe little union and forced back into considering how to meet our next love interest while strategically avoiding all the pitfalls of dating that we’ve heard the rumours about.

The stigma of loneliness in Ireland

Research* from the U.S suggests that a staggering 92{a02c9126b71645d70840e6e25d2c3dee8a032b44297d8fe15134eb477366de9b} of all single people in the States have used an online dating site and with 17{a02c9126b71645d70840e6e25d2c3dee8a032b44297d8fe15134eb477366de9b} of all marriages in the last year reported to have started online, it’s pretty clear why finding a partner through online dating sites has become the norm for those that find themselves looking for their perfect match. But why has Ireland not reflected figures like these?