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Bad Language makes for Bad Dating

We can’t always be Wildean and beautifully lyrical in our conversations, but if you find yourself reaching for an expletive, where a more civilised adjective or noun would do better, then expect your dating prospects to go as badly as your language.
Does it sound like you, or someone you know? Tell us your story in the comments, expletive-free, of course!

First Date Nerves and Drinking Too Much

In wine there is truth, goes the old saying, but if first date nerves are bearing down on you then be careful how you take the edge off. A little too much alcohol before you meet your date could mean a lot.

Dating Advice | How to score an ‘A’ on your First Date

So you’ve maybe found your real keeper and now you want to meet in the ‘real’ world. Well after you’ve read our safety tips and applied a little of that common sense you know you possess, you’re almost ready for your first date…almost! The syllabus for a successful first meeting is in and the great thing is it was written by you, or rather by literally thousands of people just like you.

You see, through our years of experience in making successful introductions and bringing prospective romantic partners together, we have learned from our clients and here’s what they consistently tell us about what people want on that first date:

First Date | Don’t Forget those Table Manners

When out on a first date, or any date for that matter, simple things like good table manners can give your date those vital clues as to the overall nature of who you are. So, remember, don’t show off your partially chewed food while talking and never, ever drink from the milk jug!