Safety Tips

Safety Tips:

  • While we have taken all possible steps to ensure that you have a pleasant and enjoyable experience on your dating journey with, it is important that you take note of these small ways to ensure you date in the safest way possible:
    • Only pass on your contact details to someone if you have developed a rapport with them and trust that they are genuine. Simply decline if someone wants to skip the “getting to know you” step.
    • Never part with money if you are asked by someone you’ve met on Monetary fraud is quite prevalent online and although has checks and balances in place to make access very difficult for scammers, you can never be too careful.
    • Block and/or report users that you feel are acting suspiciously or behaving badly. If you fall victim to abusive or aggressive language and behaviour you can users to our Customer Care Team by clicking Report a User and you can Block that user so that they cannot contact you anymore.
    • Let us know you are meeting up by using our “Register a Date” function, your match will be told you have done so and you will both be entered into a monthly draw.
    • Tell a trusted friend who you are meeting, when and where.
    • Be prepared by having your phone with you and fully charged.
    • Meet in a public place – we would recommend a restaurant because there is less pressure to drink and there are ready made topics for conversation.
    • Make your own way to the date - accepting a lift from your match will result in prematurely telling them where you live and you should only give your address to someone you are confident you know well and can trust.
    • Make your own way home and know how you are getting there. Accepting a lift or walking alone with anyone might compromise your safety.
    • Trust your instincts. If something doesn’t seem right, then it probably isn’t and you should take all necessary steps to get out of the situation. You should only remain in a person’s company if you are comfortable.
    • Report any serious incident to the police and our Customer Care Team as soon as possible.