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Are You Too Embarrassed to try Online Dating?

While online dating & professional matchmaking services continue their upward trend in Ireland, we are still miles behind our UK and US single counterparts. Very often embarrassment is the reason we are given by Irish singles for the reluctance to try dating this way.

What You Didn’t Know about Online Dating Sites | Date Bait

While most dating sites are above board, some will use fraudulent methods to dupe you into signing up. We explore the phenomenon of ‘date-bait’ and how you can choose a reputable site to find your perfect match

Maximise your chances of finding a real relationship: 5 Reasons to avoid One-Night-Stands

People often look for dating advice at our online dating blog about how to form a real relationship having found someone special. Here are some dating tips to help you get beyond that First date.

Are Dating Sites Real

In an ever-changing dating landscape that seems to offer up a new dating app, a new dating website or a new theory on how to find your perfect match, an umbrella question that is often posed is, Are dating sites real? Well, it depends on what you mean. Are the people on dating sites real or are they fraudsters? Are their intentions real or are they looking for something other than a relationship? Are the profiles real or are they fakes to make me part with my cash?

Mature Dating | Out of Date Myths

It remains incredible that there exists a stubborn perception that online dating for older people is a no-go. Actually, on the basis of success rates, the older cohort does extremely well and some researchers maintain they do even better than younger daters. Let’s look at the how’s and why’s of it all…