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Date Bait Bot or Not? How to Know You Are Chatting with Real Dating Users

Have you ever experienced an online chat bot? Maybe you have and you found the whole thing amusing, or maybe you’ve been lucky enough to have avoided the pesky bots. But maybe, and this is the whole point, you just don’t know. Perhaps that great chat you had recently was with a bot and not a real user and you just couldn’t tell. Scary, right? Let’s see how you can identify a bot quickly and spare your time, energy and blushes…

Are Dating Sites Real

In an ever-changing dating landscape that seems to offer up a new dating app, a new dating website or a new theory on how to find your perfect match, an umbrella question that is often posed is, Are dating sites real? Well, it depends on what you mean. Are the people on dating sites real or are they fraudsters? Are their intentions real or are they looking for something other than a relationship? Are the profiles real or are they fakes to make me part with my cash?