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Bitter From Past Dating Experiences?

Have your past dating experiences created a negative mindset, where all potentially new encounters and romances are doomed to failure? Are you typically pessimistic about your dating outcomes and about the likelihood of your next romantic partner being a cut above those previous partners who may have hurt you or disappointed you?

Dating & Social Decorum

Are you rude, even unintentionally rude, when dating? Do you break conversation for a quick Facebook update or find yourself periodically checking your phone while your date attempts to maintain conversation? If so, you might be doing more damage to your dating life than you think!

Jealousy and Dating

Are you a victim of the green-eyed monster? Does jealousy overcome you when dating, or is your current or any past dating partners the jealous type? Here’s why, when it comes to dating, going green is rarely a good thing!

Coming on Too Strong when Dating

A little enthusiasm is generally a good thing, but being over eager to push a new relationship too far forward too fast can be frightening for your dating partner and has the opposite effect, ending the relationship prematurely. Take your time and enjoy the early stages and the pace will set itself.

Maybe You Should go and Love Yourself?

For some people, nothing less than perfection is allowable when it comes to measuring up a potential dating partner. Unfortunately, more often than not these people end up long-term alone, destined to see the world as tragically unable to provide them with a romantic partner worthy of them.