Why Us?

Why Us?

Rena & Feargal - A Real Keeper Online Dating

As matchmakers, we have had 5 years of listening to thousands of our members at Intro Matchmaking tell us about all of their experiences both good and bad with online dating. We have listened to each one and shaped Arealkeeper.ie to suit not only online dating novices but also people that have tried dating online before and been disillusioned or would never ordinarily try it because they don’t trust it.

The dating scene in Ireland has changed a lot in the last couple of decades but with the advent of Online Dating Sites, looking for love seems to be an infinitely more challenging experience even though opportunities for finding love are literally at our finger tips in our living rooms anytime. The burden of choice has become the scourge of finding love.

So does dating online actually work? The answer is yes, if you do it right and that starts with choosing the right site. At Arealkeeper.ie we actively discourage people that are looking for anything less than a relationship. We encourage truth and honesty. We have a nakedly plain approach to attracting the right users by acknowledging that there are people that want affairs or one night stands out there but we gently point them in the direction of other online dating sites. Our doors are unashamedly only open to those that want a proper relationship. As such, we keep the pool of users pure. Nobody is here to harass or humiliate. Nobody is here to trick or mislead. Our users want to enrich their lives with a meaningful relationship.

Our voluntary verification system ensures that you are communicating with a real person and not a “bot” or fraudster. We don’t have a room full of employees creating fake or “date bait” profiles to lure you to subscribe. Particularly nervous users can “register a date”. We don’t buy in users from other sites. Our users are genuine, real people who are looking for the same thing you are, someone special. Put yourself in the right place, right now.